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Alex Maureira

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About Me

I am an award winning tour manager and photographer from Puerto Montt, North Patagonia, Chile. First of all, thank you so much for finding your way here! Passionated about Landscape Photography, Birding and Travel .

With 18 years of experience as a tour manager, I have traveled many countries, but now the pandemic dramatically ceased our income.

Photography has been part of my life since I was a child, but it was not until after my 40´s  that I decided to finish my formal studies in this art and from there I continue my path of learning; through my photography I want to raise awareness about the care of one of the most pristine areas of the planet, the one that saw me born, my beloved Patagonia.

My hope would be for you to see an image and have it printed for your home or office to serve as a beautiful reminder of your time in Patagonia or perhaps to inspire you to travel here when the time is right.

Both the website and professional printing lab are located within the US and can be shipped directly to your home in the US or Canada. 

Your support during this uncertain time would mean a great deal to me.

Thank you in advance for supporting and sharing my work.

MY WHATSAPP NUMBER : +569 9159 0625

email :

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