Why my logo is a Fox

June 17 th , 2022

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In the spring of 2010, I was lucky enough to visit Mexico, specifically the state of Quintana Roo, I met many beautiful and friendly people, some of whom had descendants of native peoples, as I do. This is how I had the opportunity to share a couple of days with a Mayan community, which among other things read me the calendar, according to the year and my day of birth, they told me that The Moon of The Fox ruled my life.

The Fox is the tenth step of consciousness of evolution, in the Maya Genesis. It represents the union, the cosmic marriage of the One with the zero. The "Everything and nothing" together, full, and empty, beginning and end that come together in the same point, nothing starts, nothing ends, everything is eternal. The matter imbued by the spirit. It symbolizes our relationship with Power (the one) over matter (zero). Here each one of us takes our leadership, our Personal Power and we decide to act in life. That's why ten means ACTION. It is useless to stay in the world of ideas, it is necessary to take the Command Scepter and act. It is the tenth spiral turn upward in the cosmic elliptical. The World is synchronized under the orders of the King.

Sounds mystical right? Well, that marked my visit to that place with beautiful beaches, but with a lot of history and mysticism.

When we returned to Chile at the Mexico City Airport we saw that one of the stores was selling a stuffed fox, without thinking about it, I bought it, took it home on my backpack thinking what I would call it, the name was given because the store wherever I bought it, it also sold “Valentino” brand perfumes, and thus the story of “Valentino Fox” was born, the stuffed fox that accompanies me on all my trips.

The truth is that I never thought about the repercussion of the little fox, everyone asked me what it meant and why I was traveling with it, yes, because being a tour manager, I have to travel a lot with groups of tourists, especially Americans, who made the fox the mascot of the trip, he also helped me a lot to break the ice with the children, when we visited local communities, this escalated to the point that when I began to guide groups of photographers, they used him as a model for the photos.

When I decided to register my brand here in Chile and formalize my company, the logo decision was a “no brainer.” The fox became not only my nickname, but also my brand and the symbol that has accompanied my travels for the last 12 years.

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