My NFT Project

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Our project is related to photographs that I have been taking during my tours in Patagonia and a way to repay the affection of its people and to give something back to this land where I was born.

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Road Map

Through the foundation we want to plant for each collector of our NFT's 1 native trees to a forest that has already been chosen in the middle of Patagonia, which is called "The Forest of the Stars" Our vision is to complete the first 100 trees by the end of 2022 . For this ,we began to create our community from scratch on twitter the first days of January , in order to drop  our collection on June 22  , 2022 .

The plan also contemplates for 2024 the reforestation of places devastated by forest fires in Argentinean Patagonia , for which we will choose the place for said reforestation in January 2024.

The Location of Our Forest !

Be a Patagonia Forest Savior

Be a savior of the forests of patagonia , we invite you to be part of this project that itends that all the photographers that one day visit patagonia for pleasure or for work , can be part of this mission and help to reforest this pristine area of our planet that has been devastated not only by forest fires but also by global warming droughts.

Be a collector

 Be a Patagonia Saviour Now  !

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