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You will not be disappointed. Alex creates once in a lifetime magical moments that cannot be duplicated or even imagined. I went on this adventure without expectation and all expectations were exceeded. Much thanks.

_Susan Williams_

In the first few minutes of meeting Alex, he set the positive tone for our amazing trip to Patagonia. He is knowledgeable, respectful, experienced and fun. Not only did he show respect for his fellow local tour guides and bus drivers, but he is also respected by those he works with. He was very professional and was quick to put plan B or C in place in a moments notice. He made the best use of time and weather to ensure the best experience possible. Thank You Alex for an unforgettable experience.

_Cathy Fisher_

Alex (Alejandro) is flexible, affable, funny, reliable, energetic, totally committed to the group he is leading, shares much of his personal life to allow the group to also open up and make their interaction more open, ... I can't come close to listing his positives. What is most important is to say thank you for a great adventure with familia!!! Salud, Alex and have many more wonderful adventures!!

_Richard Smolen_

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