Me as a Guide 
I ve been working as a guide since 1998, after working in  very well know airline and also a famous hotel ; I was always related with tourism industry my entire labor life, but guiding is the most rewarding job that I've ever had.
I've been meeting wonderful people, I had traveled through beautiful places and I had had the chance to work for great companies.
Since 2003 , I am working as an Independent Tour Leader for 3 of the major Small Group Organized Tours companies in the USA.
Me as a Person 
I was born in April of 1973 in Puerto Aysen , Located in a beautiful area in the middle of Chilean Patagonia ; I am the older of  2 brothers and raised by a very powerful woman who had to face the lost of her husband when I was just one month old . 
That woman is my mom, who teached me all the cosmo-vision related with the respect to mother-land and every specie on it.
Nowadays I feel blessed , I love my life , I love my  Job, I love my country and I love my family.
Me as a Photographer 
Everything started when my mom gave me my first 110 film Kodak , It was very exciting the moment when I develop the film , but also It was very expensive , specially for a kid at the end of the world; but I get all my basic knowledge back then.
In 2009 I won my first contest sponsored by the Chilean Tourism Board , since then I've been improving my technic and my style.
I enjoy all type of photography, but for my job, Travel and Landscape photography are becoming my real passion these days . I am a Fujifilm User .

Contact Me

Casilla 1291, Puerto Varas 

Los Lagos , Chile

Tel: +569 91590625

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